Kerosene is a fuel that is formed during the distillation of crude oil. It is used as the main form of heating oil in the UK, amongst its many other uses including powering aircraft, a fuel for oil lamps and even some cleaning agents. 

We have put together a helpful guide to kerosene, with everything you may need to know about this heating fuel we supply. 


What is kerosene fuel?

Kerosene is a hydrocarbon fuel that has a low viscosity, obtained from crude oil. It is used by many homes and businesses to generate heat and power. 

Kerosene has lots of other names which all refer to the same oil. This includes paraffin, heating oil, lamp oil, boiler fuel and 28 second.


How is kerosene produced?

Kerosene is extracted from petroleum, which is a naturally occurring oil found on the earth. Petroleum is drilled out from beneath the earth’s surface, and broken down into a number of different fuels through fractional distillation. Fractional distillation uses temperatures between 150 and 275 degrees celsius to extract petrol, butane, propane, fuel oil, lubricating oil and kerosene. 

Kerosene is then sold to fuel distributors such as us!


Is kerosene harmful?

Kerosene burns fairly cleanly and only has a low risk for carbon monoxide. It also has little to no fuel vapour, meaning it cannot explode or cause a fire. 

The fumes from kerosene, however, can cause dizziness if inhaled. Inhaling the fumes over the long term can cause more serious damage. So although kerosene is safe to touch, you should not inhale or ingest it. 


Is kerosene safe to use indoors?

Yes, as kerosene is very safe to store and handle. Using it in your heating oil systems will not create odours or dirt if used correctly. 


Why should I use kerosene?

Kerosene has advantages that make it ideal for your heating oil:

  1. It is cheaper than gas heating systems.
  2. It is one of the safest fuels available.
  3. It produces fewer fumes than coal and wood, which is better for the environment.
  4. It can be stored for a long time in dry controlled conditions


Kerosene Heating Oil from Quad Fuels

At Quad Fuels, we offer the standard kerosene heating oil, but also can supply, and highly recommend, the premium grades for those customers who want an extra-clean burn for their systems.

Premium grade kerosene includes heating oil additives. We aim to protect your heating system with these additives, and it will also increase the shelf life of the kerosene. This reduces issues and minimises the potential for fuel tank and pipeline corrosion too. 


Contact our team today to discuss your heating oil requirements.

Heating Oil: A Guide to Kerosene
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Heating Oil: A Guide to Kerosene
We have put together a helpful guide to kerosene, with everything you may need to know about this heating fuel we supply. 
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