Heating oil additives are there to help keep your system working as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible. They are added into the oil to reduce any carbon build-up and soot within the tank, and also improve the thermal efficiency.


Why are additives needed in heating oil?

Heating oil comes from crude oil, and it will have gone through a lengthy process to get to the state it is in when it arrives at your tank. The additives don’t affect the chemical properties of the heating oil, but they help with the impurities which are a side effect of the refining process. 

As fuels go, refined kerosene is already an efficient go-to. But the addition of heating oil additives will aid this efficiency further and protect more against damage. 

What are the benefits of heating oil additives?

If you find that you are continuously trying to combat sludge clogging your tank, or you find your oil gelling often or the consumption rate rising, you will benefit from using additives. We explore this in more detail:

  • Reducing sludge build-up

Sludge can build up within your tank over time, leading to blocked filters and pipes to the boiler. If completely clogged, you will have to call for maintenance. 

  • Improving the efficiency of your boiler

Additives help to keep your appliance working efficiently between services. It does this by breaking down deposits for smoother running. This then allows your oil to burn at a more efficient rate.

  • Avoids operating issues

This is the benefits we see from stabilisers and antioxidants prolonging the life of the oil. Old oil runs the risk of incorrect combustion wand reducing the rate it degrades will help to avoid this.



What kinds of additives are there for heating oil?

  • Biocides – this type of additive will work to kill any microorganisms, including bacterias and fungus’, which could be growing in the tank. 
  • Stabilisers and Antioxidants – these aid in protecting your tanks against external influences, and also prolongs the storage life of the oil. 
  • Water Controllers – these help control condensation build-ups in your tank which could damage your system if it left. 


What is premium grade kerosene?

Premium kerosene is a type of heating oil which has already been enriched with additives to stabilise the fuel and enhance the system. 

At Quad Fuels, for domestic we offer both the standard kerosene and more premium grades which include additives. We also supply a comprehensive range of additives which can target certain issues. To find the best solution, please contact us and a member of the team will be able to advise you. 


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What Are Heating Fuel Additives?
Additives are added into the oil to reduce any carbon build-up and soot within the tank, and also improve the thermal efficiency.
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