Gas Oil (Red Diesel, 35 second, tractor diesel)

Red diesel/tractor diesel, carries a lower duty rate than regular white road derv.  It has a red dye to distinguish the product and is used in a wide range of agricultural, plant and construction equipment including diggers, harvesters, tractors and other off road machinery.  Since 2011 the sulphur content has been significantly reduced to assist with emissions, from 1000 parts per million to 10 ppm.  This has had a recognisable effect on the performance of your equipment so we highly recommend you purchase additives to replace the lubricity of the fuel and ensure the quality.

For those larger and older boilers that use gas oil for heating we are able to offer an alternative product that will reduce carbon emissions without any additional cost. The fuel conforms to BS: 2869 Class D standard, with extended life for fuel storage.

Derv (Road diesel, White diesel, ULSD)

Standard road diesel is used in cars, buses and trucks in fleets of all sizes. We are able to deliver in bulk to your premises to a suitable tank storage facility. We have additive treatments to enhance refinery sourced fuel to improve mpg performance, emission control and overall service intervals; helping to keep engines clean and give you optimum year round performance.

Fuel Additives for domestic and agricultural use

To enhance the performance of your equipment and machinery we supply a comprehensive range of additives. You may be experiencing difficulties with water effects in the system, sludge in your tanks, blocked and blackened filters or a lack of lubricity within your kerosene boiler to name a few.  Andrea and the team have been selling the Exocet product range from FAST Exocet for over 10 years and have experience of every likely problem and solution.

 Lubricants – for engines, gears and transmissions, hydraulics, greases and many more applications

Through our distributorship with the long established Morris lubricants brand; we can offer an unrivalled range of products including engine oils, gear and transmission oils, greases, chainsaw oils, antifreeze, cutting oils and industrial lubricants.  We can assist with all your lubricant needs supplying in all available pack sizes and in bulk quantities.

Tanks and Ancillary Equipment

We can arrange the supply of a wide range of tanks to suit all needs, large or small, for home, farm or business use. All bunded tanks come with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard.  All tanks meet oil storage regulations and are available in various shapes and sizes.  It is important your tank is checked regularly for cracks and stress points to prolong your tanks lifespan and it must be installed correctly. We can also supply site gauges, replacement tubing and ultrasonic measuring devices so you can check your levels yourself from inside your home; alternatively, we can provide this service for you monitoring it remotely from our offices, for a nominal annual fee.  Please ask for details.