Exocet Anti Wax is a fuel additive that is formulated to stop fuel from waxing at low temperatures during the winter months. We have a complete guide on this product that should answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to find out more information, or you would like to purchase Anti-Wax or any other additive from Exocet’s range, then please feel free to contact our friendly team.


What is an anti-wax additive?

Anti-Wax is an additive used in the winter to combat fuel waxing, improving cold flow and handling properties. It is used with diesel and gas oil, designed to eliminate problems with the fuel solidifying at cold temperatures. 


Why does fuel solidify at low temperatures?

Diesel fuel ‘waxes’ or ‘gels’ (becomes more solid) in low temperatures due to it containing paraffin wax. This is an important component of the fuel that improves its viscosity and lubrication at normal temperatures. However, when the temperature gets cold enough, it can cause issues when the wax thickens, making the fuel inevitably waste.


What will happen if fuel is left to solidify?

If waxing fuel is left untreated in a vehicle, it may begin to form crystals. This can end up clogging fuel filters and lines, and stopping fuel from reaching your engine – making it pretty useless. This is known as causing fuel starvation. 

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How can I tell if my fuel is waxing?

The easiest way to tell if your fuel is reaching a temperature where it will begin waxing is to check for yellow or white deposits in the fuel, or if it has a cloudy appearance to it. 

You may also be able to tell by assessing your vehicle’s performance. If your engine is stuttering, stalling, or failing to start when the temperature is very low, this could be a sign of fuel waxing. 

Make sure to check the minimum temperature the fuel you are using can be kept at.


How can I stop my fuel from waxing?

To avoid issues with your fuel in the low temperatures, you will need to change your fuel in the winter from the supply you are using in the summer. You should consider using a winter grade fuel that is more resistant to the cold. These are available with a minimum storage temperature of around -12 degrees celsius. 

To further protect your fuel from waxing, especially if temperatures at nighttime near you are dropping to around -15 degrees, then we recommend using Exocet’s Anti-Wax additive with your fuel. This is added at just 1:1000 parts – so 1 litre per 1000 litres. 


Will anti-wax liquify my fuel which is already solidified?

No, Anti-Wax is only used as a preventive measure and will not work if your fuel is already waxed. 


At Quad Fuels, we are experts on the supply of fuel and the appropriate additives. We have been selling Exocet’s product range for over 10 years and will know every solution to your problems. So, please pick up the phone and see how we can help. 

A Guide to Exocet's Anti-Wax Additive
Article Name
A Guide to Exocet's Anti-Wax Additive
Anti-Wax is an additive used in the winter to combat fuel waxing, improving cold flow and handling properties.