The world’s environmental awareness is ever-increasing, so many companies are striving to make their fuel use as eco-friendly as possible, which we can relate to at Quad Fuels. We rely on our tankers to make deliveries almost every day, so use AdBlue to cut down on emissions, and we can also offer this to our customers – but what is it?


What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is an additive that has been created for diesel vehicles. It is used alongside diesel to reduce the amount of mono-nitrogen oxide emissions being released into the atmosphere from the exhaust. 

For a vehicle to use AdBlue, it requires a special additional tank to carry this fluid. You may find this on cars next to the diesel tank, but with a blue cap, and on commercial vehicles it can vary. 




How does AdBlue work?

When AdBlue combines with the diesel, it changes the harmful toxins (mono-nitrogen oxide) into just nitrogen and water vapour. A technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is used and is where precise amounts of liquid are injected into the exhaust to create the chemical reaction. AdBlue is made up of urea and deionised water and is sprayed into the exhaust system to neutralise the emissions.


What is the benefit of using AdBlue?

As previously explained the main purpose and benefit of using AdBlue is that it reduces the harmful emissions from diesel vehicles. This can help to reduce the overall negative impact that your vehicle or your business has on the environment. 

If you want to have a greener company and reduce your emissions, you should definitely consider using AdBlue, especially if you have a fleet of vehicles involved. 


What happens if you run out of AdBlue?

You shouldn’t ignore the warning light for low AdBlue if it pops up on your dashboard, Your cars performance can be affected should you run out, and modern cars may not restart if the AdBlue tank is empty. 


Where can I buy AdBlue?

For cars that require AdBlue (many diesel cars registered after 2015), it will be checked during your service, and your garage will be happy to top this up for you should you need it, or you can purchase it by the bottle yourself. 

For commercial vehicles and fleets, Quad Fuels sells AdBlue by the drums in minimum quantities and IBC’s of 1000 L along with barrel pumps. just simply give us a call to go over the details and we can arrange delivery. 


If you are unsure of how to top up the AdBlue, we may be able to give you some further advice, You can also refer to your vehicle’s manual to find out how to top this up. 

AdBlue: How Does it Work?
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AdBlue: How Does it Work?
AdBlue reduces the harmful emissions from diesel vehicles. This can help to reduce the impact that your vehicle has on the environment. 
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Quad Fuels