Busy times for agriculture has started, and in the spring, crops are being planted, farmers are tilling their fields, and applying fertilisers, and cattle as always, need to be tended to. 

All of this requires machinery and what it needs for that to be powered – fuel! Here are our top tips for keeping your farm moving:

  • Keep Your Fuel Store Safe

Ensuring proper health and safety measures are followed on the farm is very important. Busy farms can often overlook health and safety, but should be warned that spillages from fuel tanks could potentially be a big risk to the environment. 

To lower any risks associated with your fuel tank, you should keep on top of maintenance, so your tank is compliant with regulations. Without any maintenance, spills and leaks can happen, which can also be at a cost. 

If your fuel tank is declared unsafe by the fuel delivery driver, they have every right to refuse to refill it. Without fuel, productivity is going to take a big hit. 

  • Check You Supply Levels

You must have the right fuel and a good supply of it so that the farm runs smoothly. 

When preparing for a busy day on the farm, the last thing you need to be worrying about is if you have enough fuel to get through the day. 

With Quad Fuels, you can organize scheduled fuel top-up times so you don’t have a period of stoppage whilst you wait for delivery.

  • Change the Engine Oil

To prevent the need for repairs, and to keep vehicles and machines running soundly, the best thing you can do is change the engine oil regularly. 

Engine oil helps by preventing dirt and debris build-up in the engine – which is very likely to happen fast with the work in muddy fields. 

Using appropriate lubricants can help lower any wear and tear, reducing accidents, expanding the lifespan of equipment, and cutting how much you spend on new parts. It’s not just your tractors that will need lubricating either – milking machines need oils and greases to run efficiently too. 

  • Consider Adding Fuel Additives

Being on the move day in, day out across bumpy fields and country roads can take its toll on the engine in your tractor. So it pays well to take care of it!

Using fuel additives such as AdBlue, and transmission fluids will enhance the engine performance. It will give you confidence that your machinery is working as best as it can do. 


Our team at Quad Fuels can help you with all your agricultural fuel, greases, lubricant, and additive needs. Simply contact them for additional information and to get started. 

Top Tips for Keeping Your Farm Moving
Article Name
Top Tips for Keeping Your Farm Moving
To lower any risks associated with your fuel tank, you should keep on top of maintenance, so your tank is compliant with regulations.