The cost of running a farm is high and it takes a lot of hard work and effort. You can, however, reduce your fuel costs if you find that you are spending more than you would like. Since fuel prices have increased again, you can take these steps to ensure you use less agricultural fuel


Keep your equipment maintained


An agricultural machine that is not properly maintained will burn through more fuel than one that is working properly. Taking care of any potential issues with your equipment is a good idea. You should make sure the tyres are filled, the fuel filter and air filter are changed, and the machinery is properly lubricated. If your equipment performs smoothly, you will also notice an increase in fuel efficiency.


Use the correct machine


If you’re planning on using a tractor to perform a particular task, make sure that you choose the right machine for the job. For example, if your tractor is too heavy for the job you need it for, you will burn more fuel than necessary. Light tractors, on the other hand, can end up burning more fuel if they are used for heavy jobs due to the excessive loads placed on them.


Use clean products


The parts and components that go into your machines and vehicles must be of the highest quality. It is ideal to have clean engine oil, gear lubricants, and fuel. If your engine is free of contaminants, it will run at maximum efficiency and provide you with maximum power. It is much more efficient for the entire machine when everything is properly lubricated and set up.


Store your fuel correctly


Taking proper care of and storing your fuel will make it last longer. Using and replacing the fuel regularly is also a good idea. You may end up throwing away old fuel if it becomes stale and useless over time.


Use a quality fuel supplier


Oil, lubricants, and fuel of high quality can improve fuel efficiency and extend engine life. Additionally, make sure you choose a supplier that offers good prices as well as high-quality fuel. If you use high-quality fuel instead of poor quality or contaminated fuel, your fuel economy can improve dramatically, sometimes by up to 5%.


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