As the sun shines brightly and temperatures rise during the summer months, the last thing on your mind might be heating oil. However, taking a proactive approach and ordering your heating fuel during the summer can bring significant advantages. By planning ahead and securing your fuel supply in advance, you can enjoy several benefits that will make the upcoming winter season more comfortable and worry-free.

In this blog, we will explore just some of the advantages of ordering your domestic heating oil in the summer. 


One of the primary benefits of ordering heating oil in the summer is the potential for price stability. Fuel prices tend to fluctuate throughout the year, often increasing during the colder months due to higher demand. By ordering during the summer when demand is lower, you may be able to lock in a more favourable price. This allows you to avoid potential price hikes during the winter and potentially save money in the process.

Guaranteed Supply

Another significant advantage of ordering heating oil in the summer is the assurance of guaranteed supply. During the winter periods, the demand for fuel increases, and suppliers may face high demand or logistical challenges. By placing your order in advance, you can secure your fuel supply before the winter rush. This ensures that you won’t be caught off guard or face delays in receiving your fuel when you need it the most. 

Convenience and Peace Mind

Ordering heating oil during the summer provides convenience and peace of mind. Instead of worrying about fuel availability or scrambling to find a supplier during the busy winter season, you can relax knowing that your fuel is already secured. This allows you to focus on other winter preparations and enjoy the season without any unnecessary stress or last-minute arrangements.

Flexibility in Delivery

When you order heating oil in the summer, you often have the flexibility to choose your preferred delivery dates. This allows you to schedule the delivery at a time that suits you best and aligns with your plans. Whether you prefer an early delivery to be well-prepared, or a later date closer to the winter season, ordering in advance gives you more control over the logistics and ensures a seamless experience. 

Early Inspection and Maintenance

Ordering heating oil in the summer provides an excellent opportunity for early inspection and maintenance for your heating system. With the fuel on its way, you can schedule a professional inspection of your heating equipment to ensure it is in optimal condition for the upcoming winter. Identifying and addressing any maintenance issues early on can help prevent breakdowns during the colder months, giving you added peace of mind and avoiding potential emergency repair costs. 


While summer might not be the time you associate with heating oil, ordering in advance can offer significant benefits. So, don’t wait until the temperatures drop to think about your heating oil needs. Beat the rush and order in the summer to reap the rewards of being prepared. 


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