Here at QUAD Fuels Ltd, we offer a wide range of products and services, from bulk fuel deliveries, lubricants, fuel additives, tank replacements, ancillary equipment and environmental services. We know that for many businesses and households, keeping fuel levels stocked up is a crucial concern. Because of this, we have put together this guide for all you should know about lubrication for agricultural machinery and its benefits. 


The use of the right lubricants and greases for agricultural machinery has many advantages and benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Preventing wear on machines
  • Preventing corrosion
  • Maintaining optimal lubrication levels

Let’s take a look at these further…


Preventing wear on machines

As moving parts generate friction between them, machine wear occurs naturally. The right lubricant, however, will protect and cover these moving parts, ensuring that they stay moving for longer, reducing wear and tear.


Preventing corrosion

By coating moving parts in grease, lubricants can prevent oxidation and rust, as well as natural corrosion that can occur with moving parts. Therefore, your agricultural machinery will require less maintenance, resulting in less downtime, so you can keep up with your daily tasks.


Maintaining optimal lubrication levels

Agricultural machinery that is under lubricated can pose a danger to its users, as well as to the machine itself. When there is not enough lubrication, the machinery can suffer from problems, including:


  • Increased wear and tear – Lubricants reduce friction, which prevents machine wear. Underlubrication does not protect your machinery from this natural process, which can lead to malfunctions or breakdowns.
  • Increased energy usage – Lack of lubrication can make the machine work less efficiently, which can be very inefficient for your business.
  • Increased maintenance – Agricultural machinery can require more maintenance if it doesn’t have enough lubricant.


However, over lubrication can also be just as bad, with issues including:

Build-up of heat – Due to the lack of friction, moving parts can move faster than normal, generating heat in the machinery. This can be dangerous and increase the possibility of downtime.

Waste – If you over lubricate your machine you can end up with a lot of waste which can result in a big cost for your company. 


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