We at Quad Fuels would like to say a fond farewell to our colleague Sue Yates who has decided to retire from the company and enjoy her days winding down and living life with her husband and family.
We would like to thank her for her loyalty and dedication as some of us have worked with her for nearly 28 years in various fuel distributors.
She was and will always be remembered for her funny quirks, jokes, many laughs on a daily basis as well as product knowledge, customer service and for making friends along the way.

We will not see the last of her I am sure and wish her well for the future.

Regards The Quad Squad

One last poem from Sue Yates

It’s nearly time to say good bye
With memories mainly sweet
A heavy heart, a heavy sigh
but this last ‘ ode’ s a treat

Let’s focus on the good times
the many laughs we had
from my strange calls and emails
some weird and some just really bad

Like Dylan from Coed Dylan
spraying his organ on the tree
the strangest one I sent I think
and Tony would agree

From Nesta and the dogs we lost
and feeling rather down
then laughing at the drivers
who gave us such a frown

The funniest were the pictures
taken for the Quad web site
we wet ourselves on seeing them
‘ air brushed ‘  we looked a fright

From barmaids at the Llanwrst show
Quad T shirt on our chests
Working hard to sell the Quad fuels brand
The farmers most impressed !

Other companies were not ready
For the immediate hit we made
Started off all guns blazing
An immediate impact played

So I am going out and shouting loud
I’ve done my job and feeling proud !

The end