At Quad Fuels we are wishing Paul Lewis and John Parry, two of our brilliant drivers at Quad Fuels, a speedy recovery.

Paul Lewis is currently recovering from an unfortunate incident where a car rolled into him as he was delivering which damaged his knee severely by fracturing the kneecap and top of the shin bone, as well as stretched the cruciate ligaments. He is currently undergoing intense physio and has been off since June 14th 2019.  We are hoping to see him back to work in January 2020 if all goes well with his recovery.

We also have John Parry who is recovering from a recent hip operation due to wear and age and we are hoping to see him back with us in the New Year. We want to take the time wish them both all the best in their recovery and hope their treatment is going well.

We look forward to seeing you both back with the team in due course, from all of us at Quad Fuels.