We’ve all noticed the shift in the weather over the last couple of weeks, those colder nights creeping in when they thought nobody was watching. As we are fast approaching the throws of Autumn, we would like to remind our valued customers that now is the best time to start thinking about their home heating oil requirement for the coming winter months. Starting to plan ahead will only benefit you in the long run; it will greatly reduce your chances of running out when you need it the most, particularly if we get hit with bad weather (like the Beast from the East). 


Don’t Leave Ordering Until the Last Minute

For UK homes on average, between October and March a household will use roughly two-thirds of its yearly heating oil consumption. Planning ahead, and being ready for the colder weather in the winter months is absolutely vital when your home is reliant on heating oil for warmth. 

Here at QUAD, we’d recommend that you start really thinking about your heating oil requirements during the autumn period; it’s important that you pay close attention to your oil levels and order in plenty of time. This means that you and your home will be prepared if the weather takes a turn for the worse earlier than anticipated. It also means that you’ll be able to miss the rush for deliveries during busier periods.

Fuel deliveries increase during the winter period, so placing your order in plenty of time means that you have enough to last you comfortably until your next delivery slot. Ordering early means that you could be sitting in a lovely warm house when the bad weather hits, instead of having to search for those extra blankets!


Will Consumption Change Over the Winter?

Placing your order early in the autumn could mean that you save money on your heating bills overall. The price of heating oil is determined by a range of factors, such as:

  • Global issues
  • Crude oil prices
  • Increase or decrease in demand

Due to the increase in demand over the winter period, it is likely that this will push up the price of crude oil, which will have a knock on effect, pushing up the price of heating oil as a result. Although this is not guaranteed to happen, it is advised that customers should keep an eye on the market for price changes, we know that getting your heating oil for the best price possible is extremely important for local families and businesses. 


Contact the QUAD Fuels team today to arrange your next heating oil delivery. With the local lockdown’s coming into effect on 01.10.20, we want to reassure our customers that it is still business as usual for us here at QUAD during these unprecedented times.