If you have recently moved into a new property that uses heating oil, this helpful article should answer some of your key questions.


What is heating oil, and how can it be used?

Heating oil is used to heat your boiler, and is a great alternative to electricity and gas. It is used by an estimated 1.5 million British households, and is therefore a very popular alternative. It is typically known as the most convenient and low-cost solution for homes off the national grid. 

Heating oil is usually used with a heating oil boiler, which then heats up the radiators in your home. It can also be used with an oil-fired range cooker, such as an Aga. 


Why choose heating oil?
Over 1.5 million British households use heating oil for their home heating as it is a safe, clean and efficient alternative to the traditional methods. New oil-fuelled-boilers are more fuel efficient than ever, they can produce up to 97% efficiency – definitely an economical choice. 


Why choose QUAD Fuels as your heating oil supplier?

We are an independent, privately owned oil distributor, committed to supplying customers in North Wales and Shropshire with a quality product and service. Delivering top quality fuels, at competitive prices, with a quality delivery service. We aim to provide all our customers with the highest quality customer service experience possible. 

Offering a range of services, from bulk fuel deliveries, lubricants, fuel additives, fuel cards, tank replacements, ancillary equipment and environmental services. 


Does heating oil go by other names?

Heating oil is also known as kerosene, home heating oil, burning oil and some others. Get in touch with someone in the team today to find out which oil you require. 


When should you buy heating oil?

Our advice is always to order it as early as possible before autumn/winter arrives. By ordering early you’ll avoid some of the potential long waits to get your heating oil, which can sometimes happen in the busier periods.


How much heating oil do you need?

The average UK household consumes approximately 1,400 litres of heating oil per year. However, this figure will vary depending on factors such as; house size, how well insulated it is, how many people live in the house and how cold the weather has been. 


If you have any queries or questions about ordering your heating oil, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team today to discuss how we can help.