We are now deep into winter, so we all want to ensure that our home and family are kept nice and warm over the next few months. One way we can do this is to make sure our radiators and central heating systems are performing efficiently.


We have put together some handy tips and advice that can help you maintain your radiators and keep your heating fuel system working as it should.



Bleed your radiators


One of the simplest ways to improve the efficiency of your heating systems is to bleed the radiators. At times air can enter a central heating system and prevent it from working to its maximum efficiency.  This can be determined with a simple test. Turn on the heat and touch your radiator. If it’s warm at the bottom and cold at the top then there may be air in it.


It’s important that your heating is turned off when you bleed your radiators. This process can be a little messy, so make sure to lay some protective sheets or towels down in the area.



Improve control


Quality heating controls can really make a difference and in some cases save you more money, rather than needing a new boiler. Get yourself an easy and good quality thermostat and thermostatic controls for your radiators (knows as TRVs).  TRVs are especially useful in bedrooms, conservatories and utility rooms: rooms where occupancy and desired temperatures differ from those in the main living rooms.



Clean regularly


When a radiator heats up, it causes the air surrounding it to rise, ultimately leading to draw up dust from the floor. When dust gets accumulated, it can create a layer of insulation, which can lower the performance of your radiator.


So, in order to enhance its efficiently, you will need to conduct regular clean ups to get rid of the dust using a vacuum and then wiping down the surface of the radiator. This is another simple and cost-free action to improve the warmth and quality of your heating system.




This is not only going to help your radiators, but it will also improve the life span of your boiler too.


Over the months and years of using your heating, grime builds up in your system which not only negatively affects your radiators but will eventually lead to your boiler breaking down. A powerflush is a chemical solution that will cleanse your heating system from the inside out.



Get professional help


If you keep having persistent issues with your radiators, your best bet is to have a professional come and a take look. The problem could be a simple job or a more complicated issue. Ultimately though, you will want to know you are in the hands of a qualified professional who can get the job done efficiently.



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