The risk of fuel products being stolen is always present, however, the recent increase in the cost of heating oil and other fuels has made it significantly more likely. Even though oil thefts from tanks aren’t common, they do happen. It is essential to keep your tank safe and reduce the risk of oil theft because tanks can store hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds of fuel.  

In this article, we provide you with a number of tips to help you project your oil tank from theft. 


Location – out of sight, out of mind

Your heating oil tank location should balance aesthetics, convenience, safety, and security while remaining compliant with OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association) regulations.

 The majority of people install their oil tanks outside in the grounds but make sure you check with your supplier first to make sure the tank is compliant with the regulations and can still be filled. We recommend sitting your tank behind a garage/outbuilding/shed or at least away from prying eyes when choosing an outdoor location. 

Whenever you are considering moving your tank, be sure to speak to an OFTEC engineer first, as they will be able to provide expert safety advice. 


Security lighting

It is important to consider the type of security lighting. A wide range of motion-activated flood lights are available on the market. In the event of trespassers, motion sensors can startle them and alert you to their presence. You can also illuminate suspicious activity by using low-level lighting throughout the night. 



A CCTV system can provide valuable evidence in the event of a police report or insurance claim as well as deter thieves from targeting your tank. Today, CCTV is available in a wide variety of types, so it is important to research what suits your needs and fits within your budget. 


Protect with plants

It is unlikely that thieves will want to negotiate prickly plants during a theft, so concealing your tank behind plants like holly or blackthorn can be an effective deterrent, while also hiding it from view. But it’s still important to have access to your tank, so don’t plant too close to it and keep it well maintained so that your delivery driver and heating engineer can inspect it. 


Install tank cage 

You can prevent thieves from accessing your oil tank by restricting access with a tank cage. A cage with a door and lock adds another obstacle to put thieves off. Don’t forget, your heating oil provider will still require access for deliveries and maintenance checks. 


Keep checking on your tank

A regular inspection of your tank and its surrounding area will allow you to identify any changes or suspicious activity. If you notice anything unusual around the tank, you may want to review your security measures and monitor it more closely. 


If you have any queries or questions about your tank or ordering your heating oil, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team today to discuss how we can help.