1993 – 2023 – current


Andrea Pitts’ journey is nothing short of inspiring. Starting as a teenager at 19 with limited knowledge as an office junior, she embarked on a remarkable trajectory, evolving into a company director and proud shareholder of her own enterprise. Over the course of four years, Andrea dedicated herself to intensive study, immersing herself in the intricacies of the fuel industry.

Her resilience truly shone during the major fuel shortages in 2000, navigating the challenges posed by global events such as wars that directly impacted the industry, with the Ukraine crisis being a notable hurdle. And when the world was hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Andrea, undeterred, steered her company through the storm. Her journey is a testament to grit, determination, and the ability to adapt, showcasing how setbacks can be overcome with unwavering commitment and a forward-looking perspective. Andrea’s story is a beacon of success in the face of adversity. 


Andrea’s 30 year journey timeline: 


Nov 1993 

Joined Cambria Oil (Bayford Group) as an office junior and learnt all aspects of the oil business from sales, marketing, accounts, purchase ledger, credit control and customer service.


Sept 1996 – May 2000         

During the time of working in Cambria Oil I was invested into by the business to complete a B A (Hons) in Business Studies – completed in May 2000 with a 2:1


June 2000       

Became the business manager of Cambria Oil taking over from John Medley who retired



Managed the depot in Halifax as well as Cambria Oil, Kinmel Bay, North Wales


July 2007         

Assisted with the takeover of Askham Oils and Delta Fuels through the Bayford Group in Cumbria and supported the team through their acquisition.


Nov 2009        

Advised by the owner and directors of the Bayford Group that they had sold the business to G B Oils Ltd for a large sum.  I was made area manager for North Wales and later managed West Wales and the Borders of England including Hereford and Stoke.


April 2013       

Promoted to Regional Manager covering Wales and Borders where the company was renamed Certas Energy around this time


Nov 2015 – Nov 2016        

Left Certas to pursue a new career direction into fuel additives with Fast (Exocet) in Shrewsbury so I could learnt this avenue of the industry in depth


Nov 2016        

Started as director with the opening of a new business venture for Quad Fuels Ltd as a shareholder still to date.

Here’s to Andrea and her dedication, shaping the success of Quad Fuels Ltd for 7 years and counting!